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Lot of HotWheels, Matchbox, Assorted Vehicles, plus Ultimate Ford Complex

$50 by Dori in Naperville, Jan 20
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Lot of HotWheels, Matchbox, Assorted Vehicles, plus Ultimate Ford Complex in Plainfield

My 16-year-old son is selling items to benefit his "big car" fund.

Everything in the photo, including all 98 vehicles, all previously played with:

**Mattel Hot Wheels Ultimate Ford Complex (good condition, with 2 broken, but included flags that can be glued back into place, and 1 flag missing altogether)
•6 pieces of interconnecting track that form an oval, plus 4 connecting ramp pieces
•Ford Assembly Plant (works as intended) with vehicle "to be assembled" - chassis, engine, body)
•Ford Dealership
•Car Wash

**Hot Wheels rolling travel/storage case with retractable handle and wheels (holds 100 Matchbox-sized cars)

**32 Hot Wheels/Matchbox-sized vehicles (right side of photo)
•many are marked Matchbox or Hot Wheels, but others are Maisto, Siku, and some (like the 4 Northwestern Airlines vehicles, the Spidermobile, and the Cheerios cars) have no brand markings at all. PLEASE ASK IF THIS IS IMPORTANT TO YOU.

**2 plastic "Speed Racer" cars (I think they were prizes in a fast food meal)
**5 toy cars, smaller than Matchbox size
**7 minature plastic military vehicles
**5 small metal fighter jets
**3 larger fighter jets (2 are metal and missing some parts, 1 is plastic)
**2 metal/plastic "vintage" aircraft
**1 metal/plastic Matchbox-sized semi tractor/trailer

**40 additional larger vehicles, as shown in the photo, top left, including:
•2 police cars
•1 ambulance (lights and sounds, requires fresh batteries)
•1 firetruck (lights and sounds, has fresh batteries)
•1 fire chief car
•1 "vintage" firetruck
•1 tow truck
•1 crane
•1 trash truck
•1 "crocodile hunter" pickup truck with car trailer (broken hitch)
•1 pickup truck
•1 pickup truck with camper cover and boat trailer and speedboat
•3 VW New Beetles
•1 Mini Cooper (missing sideview mirrors)
•4 convertibles (pink one is missing windshield; teal one is missing one door)
•2 NYC taxicabs
•1 race car
•2 Dodge Vipers
•2 dune buggies
•1 VW microbus
•2 Class "C" campers
•2 school buses (larger one is missing STOP sign and rear door)
•1 plastic Humvee
•1 Santa Claus delivery truck
•6 additional plastic vehicles, as shown, far left

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